Mexico Puebla North Mission

Mexico Puebla North Mission

Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Transfer

Elder Hunsaker has been doing great his first few months in Mexico.
Here are some of his emails and pictures.

"We visited a less active and found out he was sick, so we gave him a blessing  and I gave the blessing. thats my third one in spanish in the last 6 weeks and I am amazed everytime at the blessings that come from it and the gift of tongues that I am blessed with. It was an amazing experience. Well guess what I had for breakfast this morning? cow stomach mole! mole is that chocolate chili stuff I told you about well I found out today there are two different types there is the chocolate type and there is the cow stomach type. It wasnt half bad, really chewing and had a potent taste but it was fun to try!
"Well this week I experienced my first real sickness. Tuesday night at 1230 I started to throw up and that continued for every 30 minutes until about 1030 that morning. I was just completely beat, I called the president and they gave me some instructions. I went to some hole in the wall lab and they took my blood and then I had to go buy medicine and drinks. I was so out of it and felt horrible. But the members were amazing they drove us to the stuff, they brought food and checked on me all day, it was amazing. every said I had something different but from what I understood and what the analysis said was that I had something called brocilocis or something that sounds like that, a parasite I guess. I still dont understand what I had but I didnt want to be sick one bit. so the next day I lied and said I was fine and went back to work, probably the hardest day ever to work, I couldn't speak spanish or understand it or focus but I was still able to get through lessons. I am feeling a lot better not 100 % but close and its been a real blessing.
"So this week I am so excited. We have our first two baptisms!!!! We taught them the commandments this week and she said she drinks coffee 3 times a day and we asked if it would be a problem to stop she said, no I will stop now, if God doesnt want me to then I wont. and also her job says she cant join the church she has to be catholic to work there and we were so scared, she said I am working it out right now but if it doesnt then I will find a new job. I was just amazed by her faith and dedication. God prepared her and her daughter a long time ago. I have been so humbled and amazed by this experience. 
I love it here and everyday I just think about how there is not another place on earth I would want to be."
"On Mondays we are going to practice guitar and he will teach me, he's fantastic. and then about 3 times a week in the morning we will run to the church for our exercise and I will practice piano for about 30 mintues. I have decided to practice again and I'm amazed how much I've already picked up. 

I love you all so much and wanna keep hearing from you, remember you are all children of God and he loves you more then you can imagine and it goes the same for your parents and your son or brother kickin it in mexico. 
I love you all."