Mexico Puebla North Mission

Mexico Puebla North Mission

Friday, August 16, 2013

Amazing experiences!

So . . . busy mom, here. Haven't posted in a while. Must be summer :)
Elder Hunsaker is doing amazing, amazing, amazing.

Here are some of his latest letters and pics.

"We had a good week. A ton of lessons with members and this just makes the difference in the conversión. We had FHE with a investigator for the first time since we began teaching her and her family 5 months ago. They loved the lessons but never would come to church, this FHE changed it all, they were so touched and for the first time ever they came to church with the family, it was a miracle and this Sunday the youth returned from EFY and all bore their testimonies. It was so powerful and I know it touched the hearts of this family. I think this will be the turning point. We had an amazing day in Acatzingo, we went with the branch president and the first counselor. We had amazing lessons and found so many people, just miracle after miracle. We found investigators that we had lost and hadn't been able to contact.

                         IMG_0527.JPG    IMG_0530.JPG

"Honestly I don't lie when I say I see miracles everyday on my mission. sure I am always tired, like right now I am soooooo dead but the work goes on and when I stop thinking about myself is when I see miracles and am able to help people in ways I didn't think possible.  Just know that I am having the time of my life, sure its hard buts its worth it - it's the greatest thing ever - words can't really describe."


"Wow, week this has been. We had 5 baptism on Saturday of a family that we married on thursday and interviewed on friday. This family has been so ready and we have been trying to get them married and ready for baptism for 2 weeks now. However they don't have any money, the two parents hadn't eaten for a day or two to feed the kids but they want to be baptized so bad, its been so humbling watching them. We had our first ward council meeting, they never had them before and we told them they need to start. This first one we brought up this problem, and also how she is pregnant and has been really sick lately and they have to use a lot of their money to buy the medicine for her. Well, the members just rallied! They talked to the stake to get them food and the members started to pitch in money and by the end of that meeting we had enough money to marry them. On thursday we had to go to three different towns because they didn't have forms but then we finally found a way and they got married 5 minutes before the place closed. It was a miracle in every sense of the word. 


'I actually got to go on splits with a elder who came in the same day as me, both greengos but it was so cool. We both don't speak great Spanish but we had a great day and I got to teach a lot and really test my Spanish it was great. Then Saturday we had a baptism. I was to baptize two of the kids.I cant begin to explain how much of a spirit was there. It was a day i will never forget. Ii got to confirm the two kids on Sunday and I know that God can bless me with the gift of tongues that's the only way I could have said those prayers. It was soooo incredible. Oh this week was amazing, and we aren't getting transferred  the rest of our district is but we are the only two staying together, I am honestly sooo excited!
Its started to rain here a ton and i have been told it wont stop for the whole month of June, rain is just the devil on missionary clothes!" 


"I got krispy kreme donuts and Little Caesars this week and I was in 7th heaven soooo much and then the member for dinner said they had to go but that if we could just cook the food it was all right there, so we cooked our own food that day. I made hot dogs and it was awesome! 


"So funny stuff that's happened my companion told me that i keep sleep talking in the night and i am giving the lessons in Spanish! he says i speak better Spanish in my sleep then awake and I went through the first two lessons with some investigator. he was kinda freaking out. haha oh yeah and a dog bite me this week, I was just walking the street and the dog was sleeping and I just walked by not doing anything and it attacked me, it tried to bite me but bit my watch! it was loco, I throw rocks at it, that's how you chase away about any dog here.
"So I just got back from the p-day activity with the district we went to the ruins again and found some of the sickest caves I have ever seen!!! I just so gun ho I went first the whole way, squeezing through whatever I possibly could. It was soooooooo much fun and then we found two snakes I'm talkin' 4 feet or longer, big ones, the first one got away but the second one I attempted to catch I did a pretty good job for a while it attacked once and I had to dodge it from biting me."

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"I got to celebrate the 4th of July here. I printed out an american flag then woke up early and sang the national anthem. I sang the hymns of america the whole day and had hamburgers and a dr pepper I had been saving for months in the night, no fireworks but it was as good as I could do. 

IMG_0686.JPG IMG_0695.JPGIMG_0691.JPG

"We went to Puebla for a zone meeting and on the bus I started to talk with a man there he, is from mexico city but lives in our area, he speaks english pretty well and he started to ask me questions. we talked for the whole 2 hour ride, I gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he had started in earlier but it got stolen and he had been looking for a new one, he said he knew it was true and asked me how he could be baptized in the church ;) God gives us miracles every week , every day its incredible! we hope he gets baptized in these next weeks :) on this same day we went to a store there in Puebla because they have american bread and I needed some! when I went to pay it rang up more then I thought, so I asked  them politely if that was the right price, they said they would go check but to just wait on the side, I was waiting when a lady that worked there came up and asked "whats the problem Elder," I just told her they were checking the price and she went up and without me saying anything paid for it! I felt so horrible really because she is a bagger there and in mexico they don't get paid they just work off tips from people, she doesn't have a lot of money. yet she paid for me, I was so humbled and it made me realize that people are always watching you and your actions you never know who might be a member or a less active and if I had acted rude who knows. It made me realized I need to always be an example always."


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