Mexico Puebla North Mission

Mexico Puebla North Mission

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coming Up On One Year!

So . . .
Elder Hunsaker is coming up on one year on December 19th. Cannot believe it!
It has flown by but it also seems like forever that we dropped him off at that MTC!
We are so proud of him. And he has done an amazing job of taking care of his family in all of the things he has to do. He gets an email from at least 6 people in our family each week and he answers them almost every week!
He is having some incredible experiences . . . learning a lot about life, himself, the gospel, others, and his Savior. All good things.
Here are some more experiences and pictures.

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September 2nd
so my area is much more swampy and junglely, there are so many mosquitos and bed bugs, I am getting eaten alive, the house is big but half of the lights dont work including the kitchen and shower and above my desk, you learn to adapt to all sorts of circumstances. a lot of walking in my area and that usually means fewer lessons but its ok each area is different and you adapt and work. the ward is incredible, they want to help the missionary work so much and our ward missionary just rocks.

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September 23rd
We are  teaching this family and the dad has been really interested in the lessons and has come to church 3 times the oldest daughter a little interested and has come 2 and the mom and youngest daughter, dont really have much interest. We had a appointment with them on saturday night and when we got there the mom answered the door and looked very distraught. she informed us that they were going through some very difficult things and they weren't sure they wanted us to come in. We entered the house and began to talk with them. I dont know how to explain what happen to give it any justice but I saw this family, in an extremely hard situation open their hearts to God. The family has never been to church together and we invited them to come to start the change and to permit God in their lives, they promised to come. Sunday morning was crazy we were in the church and when the sacrament meeting started at 8 they werent there. but during the sacrament hymn, the whole family, even the dad entered. it was the most sweet feeling, they were sooo touched by the church and the members rallied around them so well.

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October 7th
So I dont know where to start with conference, it was an incredible experience for me. Some of the talks that really hit me was on saturday afternoon,Elder Bednar and Elder Uchtdorf, then on sunday the talk of President Monson, so powerful so much emotion. I also enjoyed the talk of elder Cook on sunday. really  the conference was better then words describe. more then ever before, my testimony grew of those men, I just saw them in a different light this time, I believed all the words they said and just knew that this church is true, I cant describe a lot of the feeling.
I let my companions cut my hair.
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November 4th
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I cant believe how fast time goes, i am going to touch a year on this next transfer... its cra cra. only way to explain it. I have loved this year and cant wait to see what the next one in store has. 
I am trying to do better and giving you guys a feel for how it is here, the work, the people, the comps, the food :) dont know if I mentioned I ate pig brain tacos, had the texture of potatoes, and also a lot of grasshoppers, they are quite the popular snack.
I cant express to you just how much I love the mission, its the best thing that anyone (my age) can do, its just the best kick in the pants of how you need to live, I cant imagine and try not to, myself not being here. i invite you all to really think about it and prepare now, preparation makes the difference, you can see how much they prepared before their mission, in each missionary.

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November 18th
so this week, interesting. we didnt see a lot of success, a ton of walking, like im talking blisters on my toes :) the weather went crazy too, we started with tuesday being the coldest ive seen in mexico with super winds and wow its was cold, no lies and of course, no one was home :) then we went to the end of the week to being one of the hottest times, and im 100% sure that i have skin cancer now. 
so a cool story of the week, we found a new investigator on saturday. he is a jew... wow we had one my favorite lessons of my missino with him, he is super smart, (is learning hebrew) and has an incredible knowledge of the gospel, his views of religion were so inspired, his beliefs are closer to ours then any other religion that I have talked with. we had an incredibly spiritual lesson and I learned so much from him. I'm super excited to continue teaching him in the future and it was a motivation to study the doctrine more. cool guy.

December 10
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So we found out that the first group of american sisters are coming to mexico in all the history of mexico, 4 this change, its going to be different.
This week we had a seventy come to the mission, Elder Daniel L: Johnson. great man and he said we should be opening our mouths more. After we left the conference, I decided if I was going to be better I had to start now. So with a lot of fear I stood up in a bus of over 40 people and started to preach. I had my comp and the sisters in my district we contacted the whole bus, i did an introduction of who we are and who we have a message of the nature of God and Jesus Christ for them. I then asked for them to raise their hand if they wanted to hear more. I was surprised to see a few raise their hand, my comps started to teach to them, we found 4 new people who wanted to hear, its not a lot for 40 but it was a miracle for me. It was a testimony that if I really do open my mouth, I can be blessed. that was on friday and since then I have contacted 5 buses and had over a 105 contacts this week. It was a miracle and it helped lift the district up and helped me a lot.
Its been a good week and I'm excited for the next, I am learning that when you put faith in God, when you know who He really is, you do not fear and can do whatever God wants you to do. 

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