Mexico Puebla North Mission

Mexico Puebla North Mission

Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Week in Mexico

 absolutely love it here and the experience has been fantastic! The people are so kind and amazing especially the members. my companion elder sagástegui is incredible! He doesnt speak english so I am learning spanish very quickly but as of now I understand a solid 20% haha esta bien.

 the weather is great here! it is prefect i love it! the food is incredible, the picture i sent is of us eating shrimp in a chile soup that has everything on it, even the eye balls pretty cra cra oh and there was a full fish as well :) but it was actually really great. 

And here's a little something from his mission president's wife:

it was so fun when I looked out my kitchen window and saw Elder Hunsaker and Elder Graff exploring our back yard and feeling the grass, etc.  I had to smile.  They were like two little boys on an adventure!  It was priceless.  They also climbed on the top of our roof to look out over Puebla!  I didn't even know we had a ladder to the roof until they came.  They are "curious."  I like that!  They are going to be GREAT!!!  

Here's Stephen's first friend he made in Mexico

Stephen's new address is:
Misión México Puebla Norte
Calle 25 Sur #907
Colonia La Paz
Puebla, Puebla 72160

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