Mexico Puebla North Mission

Mexico Puebla North Mission

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mexico Here He Comes!

We just found out a few days ago that Stephen's visa came in and within 2 days he had a plane ticket for Puebla.  He leaves today!  We get a call from him sometime later tonight.
Here was his email this morning.

So I dont know if you heard yet but I head off for mexico today!!! I will be able to call you for a short time and i would love to hear the whole family. Then I arrive tonight in puebla and i am going to hit the ground running! 
so i have my bags packed and one weights 49.4 and one weights 50 on the dot it was a pain but i did it! 

oh by the way can you please tell grandma dobbs thank you sooooo much for the package it was so kind and it made my day so much and tell her i love you sooo much.

so i am a little sad to be leaving here i have become close with some of my investigators and am sad to leave them but im excited to get to mexico! it will be so great!

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